Les Makepeace Consulting
Strategic Growth and Increased Valuation
What is the current state of the market?  What forces will reshape the market in the future?  What potential market adjacency can be exploited?

Products and Services
Is the product/service mix meeting the customer needs?  Do products sell services?  Do services sell products?  Is the differentiation clear?  What differentiation is required as the markets move?

Is pricing optimized for market position? What will the trends in pricing pressure mean to future product/service offerings?

Do you have have a well defined process for creating and maintaining a pipeline of prospects?  How will that need to change as the market moves?

Financial Performance
How well do you understand the co-dependencies on your financial statements?  How well optimized are margins?  How hard will re-optimization be when the market moves?

Is your leadership team complete? Is your team aligned with your growth strategy?